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The Seventy-Seven Outfit is very proud of its successful natural beef program. Sandy and Larry have been around livestock all their lives, in the cattle business together since 1980 and have been marketing natural grass finished beef in Southwest Colorado since 1991. We are very fortunate to have access to some of the last irrigated agricultural lands remaining in the Animas Valley north of Durango so we can raise outstanding quality beef and premium hay.  

Natural Beef Durango, Colorado

We define our natural grass finished beef as cattle that have had no exposure to antibiotics, growth stimulants, steroids, herbicides and pesticides. They are kept on large open pastures with clean flowing water. This environment keeps the animals’ hide clean, an important consideration during the slaughter process. Additionally, studies have shown that grass finished beef have reduced E.coli pathogen load in their gut. The cattle are handled quietly and respectfully. The humane treatment of all animals is very important to our outfit. The health benefits of eating grass-finished beef are best described by visiting , or by reading the articles featured in the New Mexico Stockman and Health Magazine. Mark Dowie, Writers on the Range, has an interesting article about grass feed beef published in the Durango Herald recently.

These angus-bred cattle are born and raised by reputable producers in our community until our outfit purchases them as 7-weight yearlings in June. The combination of good genetics, rich red sandy loam soils and mixed-grass & clover forage has given us +2.60 pounds average daily gain; and cattle that finish at 1,100 pounds the first of November.

Beef Colorado

The harvest begins in September when Larry heads up sales and contacts customers to place an order for a whole, half or split-half beef . We measure our customer satisfaction in that 92% of our annual beef supply is sold to repeat customers.

In mid-November the cattle are shipped for processing to San Juan Meats in Kirkland, NM. The carcass ages hangs fresh on the rail 14 days before it is cut, packaged and frozen. Sandy contacts each customer during this time to discuss processing instructions, payment and meat pick-up. Her experience with beef processing and meat cuts is added assurance that customer service will be at its best.

Pick up can be arranged at either San Juan Meats or at our home. See the Maps link for driving directions.

Customers are invoiced a price per pound times the carcass weight before processing. This price covers the cost of the animal and the processing expense. We take pride in efficiently using the sun’s energy and the earth’s soil and water to grow grass and cattle that become a healthy and delicious beef steak for our friends and neighbors.

Contact us today to become one of our satisfied beef customers.

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Think about how your family likes to eat beef and what you like to cook.

Standard Wrap

  • 1½ lb hamburger packages.
  • 85% leanness of hamburger 85% is good; any leaner and we find ourselves adding oil to the frying pan.
  • 3-4 lb roasts.
  • Thickness of steaks:
    • ¾ inch for T-bone, Sirloin & Rib
    • ⅝ inch for Round, Chuck & Flank
  • 2 steaks per package

Do you want:

  • Flank steaks?
  • Beef ribs?
  • Brisket?
  • Stew meat?
  • Oxtail?
  • Organ meats (heart, liver etc.)?

Except for the organ meats, these cuts can be otherwise ground into hamburger

grass-fed beef southwest Colorado

Other things to consider:

  • Do you want more steaks and fewer roasts or vice versa?
  • If you like making jerky, ask to have some meat sliced thin and packaged for jerky.
  • If you like making soups, ask for soup bone and soup meat packages.
  • Do you want any of the tougher cuts of steak that come from the round or flank to go through the tenderizer? These steaks are sometimes called cube steaks, minute steaks or country-fried steaks.