ven Outfit Durango

Ride with the Seventy Seven Outfit

Surround yourself with the sounds and beauty of the forest. Find relaxation midst the remoteness of the back country and the wildness of nature. Experience the confidence and trust that can exist between man and horse. Let our lifelong relationship with horses and 25+ years of experience exploring the San Juan National Forest in Southwest Colorado help guide you to special places.

Southwest Colorado enjoys an ideal four-season climate with moderate temperatures and low humidity year round. With an average annual precipitation of 19 inches, 85% of the year has sunny, pleasurable conditions. It is no wonder the San Juan National Forest is an allure for outdoor enthusiasts.

Our specialty is day rides and overnight camps for those adventurers who act on short notice with limited time to spend. Extended overnight camps are available with more advanced reservation.

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Horseback Riding Colorado

Southwest Colorado is home place to many recreational riders with their own horses. We encourage these local people to ride with us and benefit from our horsemanship and guide services. We will choose a trail that is best suited to you and your horse’s skills. Or, if you want to be the leader and need extra horses for your outing, we rent horses and tack! We will do what it takes to connect you to the back country that is ever so close.

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Groups are kept small so the experience is personalized and flexible. Our horses are of the kind that is strong, tried and true. Suitable tack and safety is held to the highest standards to insure an enjoyable outing.

The camps are well equipped and comfortable. The food is wholesome, delicious and plentiful. We will attempt to meet an individual’s special needs. Let the glow of our campfire brighten your face.