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Welcome to Durango in Southwest Colorado...

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77Outfit Durango Colorado

You are off to a great start with your horseback riding vacation plans if you are reading this. The beauty of Southwest Colorado is unsurpassed except some folks may say the weather is even better.

There are many ways to explore the San Juan National Forest - hiking, biking, motor vehicle; but the Seventy Seven Outfitters advocate riding horses. Horseback riding is a tried and true mode of transportation in the backcountry which began with the first explorers and settlers to this region.

Horses compliment the natural surroundings because they are animals that move quietly and you’re better off on four feet than two. Good trail horses will gladly do all the work and do it well so their riders can enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest, creeks and wildlife.

Check out our guide and pack service which is permitted and insured for operation on the San Juan National Forest. The Seventy Seven Outfitters are ready to ride when you are!

San Juan National Forest
Horseback riding is not all our outfit offers. We are ranchers who take pride in raising quality natural grass-finished beef and premium hay.